1996 Film "Jane Eyre"

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1996 Film "Jane Eyre"
Premiere Filmtitel Dauer Vertrieb
Jane Eyre country IT.gif IT:
1996.01.20 country KR.gif KR:
1996.02.09 Jane Eyre, de Charlotte Bronte country ES.gif ES: Sociedad Kino Visión
1996.04.12 Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre 117:00 country US.gif US: Miramax Films
1996.04.20 country JP.gif JP:
1996.04.24 country PL.gif PL:
1996.04.25 country HU.gif HU:
1996.06.26 Jane Eyre country FR.gif FR: Warner Bros. Pictures
1996.07.04 country AU.gif AU:
1996.09.05 country HK.gif HK:
1996.09.27 Jane Eyre country GB.gif GB:
Jane Eyre country GB.gif GB: VHS-Video: Buena Vista Home Video
1996.12 country SE.gif SE: VHS-Video: SF Video
1997.01.30 country DE.gif DE:
1997.10.10 Encontro com o amor country BR.gif BR:
Encontro com o amor country BR.gif BR: VHS-Video: Paris Vídeo
1997.10.24 country CH.gif CH:
1997.12.04 country AR.gif AR: Líder Films
1998 country AR.gif AR: VHS-Video: Gativideo
1998.05.08 country MX.gif MX:
1998.08.22 country NL.gif NL:
2001.03.17 Salattu rakkaus country FI.gif FI: TV:
2001 Jane Eyre, de Charlotte Bronte country ES.gif ES: DVD: Divisa Home Video
2001 Jane Eyre country GR.gif GR: TV: Aquarius TV
2003.02.04 Jane Eyre country US.gif US: DVD: Miramax Films
ASIN B00007K02F
UPC 786936204407
2003.06.30 Jane Eyre country xx.gif xx: (Region 2) DVD:
2005 Jane Eyre country GR.gif GR: DVD: Aquarius TV
2008.05.27 Jane Eyre 107:00 country DE.gif DE: DVD: Cineplus Home Entertainment
Джейх Эйр country RU.gif RU:
113:00 country xx.gif xx:
Produktion Dyson Lovell und Riccardo Tozzi
  • country IT.gif IT: für Cineritino SRL
  • country FR.gif FR: für Eurimages
  • country FR.gif FR: für Flach Film
  • country IT.gif IT: für Mediaset
  • country US.gif US: für Miramax Films
  • country IT.gif IT: für RCS Editori SPA
  • country GB.gif GB: für Rochester Films Ltd.
  • Drehbuch Franco Zeffirelli und Hugh Whitemore nach dem Roman Jane Eyre : eine Autobiographie (1847) von Charlotte Brontë
    Regie Franco Zeffirelli
    Bild David Watkin. - Farbe
    Hauptdarsteller William Hurt (Edward Rochester), Charlotte Gainsbourg (Jane Eyre), Anna Paquin (junge Jane Eyre), Joan Plowright (Mrs. Fairfax)
    Nebendarsteller Charlotte Attenborough (Mary Rivers), Simon Beresford (Henry Eshton), Steffan Boje (Party Guest), Golda Broderick (Mrs. Bennett), Sheila Burrell (Lady Eshton), Geraldine Chaplin (Miss Scatcherd), Marissa Dunlop (Mary Ingram), Julian Fellowes (Colonel Dent), Miranda Forbes (Lady Ingram), Sasha Graff (Georgiana Reed), Nicola Howard (Eliza Reed), Nic Knight (John Reed), Chris Larkin (Frederick Lynn), Barry Martin (Sir George Lynn), Elle McPherson (Blanche Ingram), Orina Messina (Louisa Eshton), Ralph Nossek (Reverend Wood), Judith Parker (Leah), Ann Queensberry (Lady Lynn), Amanda Root (Miss Temple), Leanne Rowe (Helen Burns), Maria Schneider (Bertha), Joséphine Serre (Adele), Fiona Shaw (Mrs. Reed), Edward de Souza (Mason), Walter Sparrow (Lord Eshton), Sara Stevens (Amy Eshton), John Tranter (Dr. Carter), Richard Warwick (John), Samuel West (St. John Rivers), Billy Whitelaw (Grace Pool), John Wood I (Mr. Brocklehurst), Peter Woodthorpe (Briggs)
    Sprache Englisch, Französisch
    Musik Claudio Capponi, Alessio Vlad
    Produktionsleitung Ray Freeborn, Riccardo Gardarelli
    Kostüme Jenny Beavan
    Filmschnitt Richard Marden
    Ton Gerry Bates, Mike Harris, David Stephenson
  • country GB.gif GB: Harrogate (North Yorkshire), Brimham Rocks
  • country GB.gif GB: London / Ealing, London Ealing Studios
  • country GB.gif GB:
  • country GB.gif GB: Bakewell (Derbyshire), Haddon Hall
  • country IT.gif IT:
  • country GB.gif GB: South Wingfield (Derbyshire), Wingfield Manor
  • Produktionszeitraum
    Altersfreigabe Atp (Argentinien) - L (Island) - PG (Australien, Grossbritannien, Singapur, USA) - T (Spanien) - 6 (Deutschland) - 12 (Südkorea)


    Franco Zeffirelli während der Dreharbeiten zum Film Jane Eyre (1996)

    Charlotte Brontës Roman Jane Eyre wurde zuvor schon vielfach verfilmt, erstmals 1910.

    Franco Zeffirelli sagte, er habe Charlotte Gainsbourg besetzt, weil "she does not play. She is. She doesn't use the language of any other actress that makes you feel there is a simulation going on. She is one of those unique, very rare animals. She is not beautiful. She does not have an especially good voice or command of the language. But she doesn't play, she's it."


    Jane Eyre (Charlotte Gainsbourg) wächst als armes Waisenkind bei lieblosen Verwandten auf. Die Verwandten schicken sie in ein Internat, wo sie der Wilkür der Heimleitung ausgeliefert ist. Sie erlernt den Beruf der Erzieherin, den sie kurze Zeit im Internat ausübt. Als 20-jährige findet sie eine Stelle als Gouvernante auf Thornfield Hall beim etwas mysteriösen Edward Rochester (William Hurt), dem Vormund der kleinen Adèle (Joséphine Serre). In den dunklen Gängen spielen sich seltsame Dinge und Unfälle ab, bei denen Mr. Rochester sogar verletzt wird. Jane Eyre und Edward Rochester kommen sich näher und er bittet Jane seine Frau zu werden. Kurz vor der Hochzeit erfährt Jane, dass Edward schon verheiratet ist und seine geisteskranke Frau in Thornfield Hall versteckt. Mittellos ergreift Jane die Flucht...


    Jane Eyre: We are truly devoted, my Edward and I; our hearts beat as one; our happiness is complete.

    Mr. Brocklehurst: And what is Hell? Can you tell me that?
    Young Jane Eyre: A pit full of fire.
    Mr. Brocklehurst: And should you like to fall into that pit, and to be burning there forever?
    Young Jane Eyre: No, sir.
    Mr. Brocklehurst: What must you do to avoid it?
    Young Jane Eyre: Keep well and and not die, sir.

    Jane Eyre: Remember, the shadows are just as important as the light.

    Young Jane Eyre: I am not deceitful! And I am not a liar. For if I were, I should say that I loved you. I do not love you. I dislike you more than anyone in the world, except your son.

    Edward Rochester: Do you think me handsome?
    Jane Eyre: No sir.

    Young Jane Eyre: My parents died when I was very young. I went to stay with my Aunt who didn't love me.

    Adele Varens: Mademoiselle, will we be very happy?
    Jane Eyre: We will work hard, and we will be content.

    Edward Rochester: Are you fond of presents?
    Jane Eyre: I hardly know. I have little experience of them.

    Edward Rochester: Jane, you're a strange and almost unearthly thing.

    Edward Rochester: This is my wife. Your sister, Mason. Look at her. She is mad! So was her mother. So was her grandmother. Three generations of violent lunacy. I wasn't told about that, was I, Mason? All I was told about was that my father had made a suitable match, one that would prop up his dwindling fortune and give your family the Rochester name! I did what I was told! And Bertha was kept away from me, until the wedding was cleverly done. Everyone got what they wanted... except me. Even she is better off here than she would be in a lunatic asylum, but I have spent the last fifteen years in torment!

    (looks at Jane)

    Edward Rochester: And this what I, what I wished to have. This young girl who stands so grave and quiet at the mouth of hell. Look at the difference. Then judge me, priest on the gospel and man of the law, and remember with what judgment ye judge, ye... Off with you now.

    Edward Rochester: Sometimes I have the strangest feeling about you. Especially when you are near me as you are now. It feels as though I had a string tied here under my left rib where my heart is, tightly knotted to you in a similar fashion. And when you go to Ireland, with all that distance between us, I am afraid that this cord will be snapped, and I shall bleed inwardly.

    Edward Rochester: I love you as my own flesh. I beg of you to marry me. Say "Edward, give me my name." Say "Edward, I will marry you."

    Jane Eyre: I received a letter this morning. If you please, sir, I want leave of absence.
    Edward Rochester: Why?
    Jane Eyre: Because of an old lady who is sick.
    Edward Rochester: What old lady?
    Jane Eyre: Her name is Mrs. Reed. She is my aunt.
    Edward Rochester: I thought you said you didn't have any relatives.
    Jane Eyre: None that would own me, sir. Mrs. Reed cast me off when I was a child.
    Edward Rochester: Then why must you go rushing off to see her?
    Jane Eyre: She's dying. I can't ignore her dying wish.
    Edward Rochester: (pause) You won't be persuaded to stay?
    Jane Eyre: No, sir. I will return to Thornfield.
    Edward Rochester: So you and I must say goodbye?
    Jane Eyre: Yes, sir.
    Edward Rochester: And how does one perform that ceremony? Teach me, I am not quite up to it.
    Jane Eyre: They say "farewell," or any other form they prefer.
    Edward Rochester: Farewell, Miss Eyre. At the present. Is that all?
    Jane Eyre: Yes, sir.
    Edward Rochester: Then we shake hands. (shakes her hand) Remember your promise.

    Jane Eyre: (angry at Rochester) How can you be so stupid? How can you be so cruel? Just because I'm poor and plain, I'm not without feelings.

    Edward Rochester: Just one last kiss before you leave.
    Jane Eyre: I shall never leave. You will never be alone for as long as I shall live.


    Stück Dauer Interpret Titel Autor Anmerkungen
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    Jane Eyre's theme








    In Spanien wurden 137'140 Eintritte und 445'587 Euro Einnahmen gezählt.

    Für die USA wurden Summen von 5'150'000 (14. Juli 1996), 5'173'860 US-Dollar (2. Juli 1996) und 5'200'000 US-Dollar als Einnahmen genannt.

    In Paris wurden in der ersten Woche 46'915 Eintritte gezählt. In ganz Frankreich wurden bis zum 6. August 1996 223'330 Eintritte gezählt. Bis zum Ende der Spieldauer wurden in Paris 112'444, in ganz Frankreich 296'387 Eintritte gezählt.

    • 1996 David di Donatello Award (Migliore Costumista) für Jenny Beavan


    "Seinen Hang zur bunten Kino-Oper hat Franco Zeffirelli erstaunlich gut gezügelt in dieser eher trockenen Klassiker-Verfilmung, der man die 'britische' Adaption durch den renommierten Theatermann Hugh Whitemore anmerkt. Charlotte Gainsbourg spielt die Titelheldin aus Charlotte Brontës berühmter Emanzipationsgeschichte nicht nur mit dem richtigen, leicht verbissenen Ernst, sondern verkörpert mit ihrer aparten Gestalt jenseits gängiger Leinwandschönheit auch perfekt das Aschenbrödel, das sich dank Charakter und Intelligenz von der Erzieherin zur Schlossherrin mausert. William Hurt, in einer Besetzung ganz gegen den Strich, ist ein phlegmatischer eher denn ein düster-leidenschaftlicher Rochester. Charlotte Gainsbourg und William Hurt spielen routiniert, solide und glaubwürdig. Trotzdem kommt die Leidensgeschichte verklemmter Viktorianer nicht recht in Schwung."


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