1969 Ed Sanders 12-33 "Sanders' Truckstop" (US: Reprise 6374)

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1969 Ed Sanders 12-33 "Sanders' Truckstop" (US: Reprise 6374)
Veröffentlichung 1969
Interpret Ed Sanders
Plattenformat 1 Stück 12" Scheibe 33 U/Min. schwarzes Vinyl
Plattentitel Sanders' Truckstop
Plattenlabel Reprise
Bestellnummer country US.gif US: Reprise 6374
Produktion Ed Sanders
Aufnahme Tonmeister: Dave Baker
Musiker Ed Sanders (Stimme)

Bill Keith (Banjo, Steel-Gitarre), David Bromberg (Dobro), Dan Hamburg (Gitarre), John London (Bass), Patrick Sky (Gitarre), Jay Ungar (Fiedel), John Ware (Orgel, Klavier), John Wade (Schlagzeug)

Plattenhülle Plattentext: Miriam Sanders


Stück Dauer Interpret Titel Autor Anmerkungen
A 01 05:16 Ed Sanders Jimmy Joe, the hippybilly boy
A 02 02:39 Ed Sanders Maple court trajedy
A 03 04:09 Ed Sanders Heartbreak crash pad
A 04 03:04 Ed Sanders Banshee
A 05 03:04 Ed Sanders The plaster song
B 01 04:08 Ed Sanders The Iliad
B 02 02:24 Ed Sanders Breadtray Mountain
B 03 02:32 Ed Sanders The ABM machine
B 04 03:18 Ed Sanders They're cutting my coffin at the sawmill
B 05 02:38 Ed Sanders Homesick blues
B 06 03:30 Ed Sanders Pindar's revenge


Datum Interpret Format Titel Bestellnummer Anmerkungen
Ed Sanders 12-33 Sanders' Truckstop country US.gif US: Reprise 6374


On this album Ed has told you a bunch of stories that he thought up in his head. Facing our civilization are hundreds of serious questions, and Ed is asking a few of them, such as, "Did Detroit invent the back seat to ruin the morals of America?" "Why do they allow shopping centers to have parking lots so that kids could sell each other dope on dark nights?" and, "Why is it that youngsters colour in the map of Jerusalem at Sunday School with Psychedelic day-glo colors?"

My husband is a God-fearing family man, and he's proud of it. Around our home you won't find smut or protest buttons, and if our children ever get wise we're gonna lock them in the cellar. We think if parents would send their children off to scout camp instead of letting them run around naked smoking marijuana at rock festivals this country might not lose the battle of nerves coming up with China in 1980. Furthermore, I think we ought to ban Indian headbands and moccasins at the homecoming game. Our great great grandparents didn't hack down the Osage Indians just to have a bunch of uppity scions come along cursing about ecological disaster.

Ed is home right now reading the revelations of St. John the Divine. Won't you join us? We live in the trailer camp in back of the truckstop. You can't miss it. It's the only trailer with a chartreuse stork on top of the barbecue oven.

Miriam Sanders