Mick Jagger

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country GB.gif Britischer Rocksänger

geboren 26. Juli 1943 in Dartford (Kent, Grossbritannien)

Sänger der Rolling Stones seit 1962.




Mick Jagger wird unter anderem in folgenden Liedern erwähnt:

  • "The pop-star massage unit" von Flo and Eddie auf dem Album Illegal, immoral and fattening (1975), wo es heisst:
Okay, let's say you went out and you wanted to get the
Mick Jagger Dildo, right, a perrenial favorite.
It's our medium Caucasian.
You unfold this giant picture of Mick, see,
and you clip on the top of this little Dildo, see,
and then there's this little slot and in this little slot
goes the cassette. Get the picture?
Giant glossy of Mick taped to your ceiling, clip on the head,
slip in the cassette and Mick Jagger's singing "Jumping Jack flash"
between your legs.
  • "Rock and roll fever" von David Allan Coe, wo es heisst:
You said the Allman Brother's band,
Wasn't like the Rolling Stones.
Well, you can give your ass to Mick Jagger,
An' leave my ass alone.