1976 verschiedene Interpreten 2x12-33 "Totally corrupt (The Dial-A-Poem poets)" (US: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 008-009)

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1976 verschiedene Interpreten 2x12-33 "Totally corrupt (The Dial-A-Poem poets)" (US: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 008-009)
Veröffentlichung 1976
Interpret verschiedene Interpreten
Plattenformat 2 Stück 12" Scheiben 33 U/Min. schwarzes Vinyl
Plattentitel Totally corrupt (The Dial-A-Poem poets)
Plattenlabel Giorno Poetry Systems Records
Bestellnummer country US.gif US: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 008-009
Produktion Catherine Levine
Plattenhülle Les Levine


Stück Dauer Interpret Titel Autor Anmerkungen
A 01 03:09 Charles Bukowski Cloud Nine; I live in a neighborhood of murderers; Two horse collars Charles Bukowski
A 02 03:48 Ed Dorn Excerpts Aus Gunslinger (Book 4)
A 03 07:07 William S. Burroughs When did I stop wanting to be Presodent William S. Burroughs
A 04 03:43 Sylvia Plath Daddy
A 05 08:03 John Giorno Excerpts Aus Shit, piss, blood, pus and brains
A 06 00:44 Michael McClure Jaguar sky (There's cruelty in every jewel)
A 07 02:36 Michael Brownstein Jet set melodrama
A 08 02:18 Jackie Curtis You are my lucky star
B 01 05:50 Ed Sanders This is the Age of Investigation poetry and every citizen must investigate
B 02 04:45 Charles Bukowski Christ, you'll never know; The closing of the topless and bottomless bars
B 03 04:06 Anne Waldman Some small fires
B 04 03:37 Imamu Amiri Baraka Hard facts: Rockefeller's your Vice-President and your mama don't wear no draws; A new reality is better than a new movie
B 05 00:59 Erica Huggins For a woman
B 06 05:04 Ken Kesey A brief discourse
B 07 02:05 Jackson Mac Low Excerpt Aus Guru, guru, gate
B 08 04:58 Charles Amirkhanian Mushrooms (For John Cage)
C 01 03:02 William Carlos Williams The yellow flower Aus Pictures from Brueghel and other poems
C 02 04:40 Allen Ginsberg Please master
C 03 01:58 Imamu Amiri Baraka Hard facts: New York is everywhere big
C 04 03:50 Frank O'Hara To the film industry in crisis Mit Jane Freilicher (Piano), John Gruen (Piano)
C 05 03:33 Taylor Mead I was in a drugstore
C 06 03:36 Jackie Curtis The All-American Vampire or how the bee sucks
C 07 05:14 Jack Spicer The Holy Grail (The Book of the death of Arthur)
C 08 06:30 John Cage Song, derived from the journal of Henry David Thoreau
D 01 01:42 Tom Weatherly Mud water Shango; Blues for Frank Swooton
D 02 03:31 Joanne Kyger In all this everyday
D 03 03:15 Charles Olson Letter 27 (Maximus to Gloucester)
D 04 05:23 W. S. Merwin Fear
D 05 01:02 Maureen Owen When you're down and under
D 06 02:10 Jerome Rothenberg The opening of The Horse song; Number Eleven; A total translation from the Navajo
D 07 02:59 Ted Berrigan Today in Ann Arbor
D 08 01:00 Susan Howe There is no good on Earth and sin is but a name
D 09 02:25 Rochelle Owens Excerpt Aus The Joe Chronicles (Part 2)
D 10 00:30 Bill Knott Corpse and beans
D 11 01:25 Tony Towle New York letters
D 12 02:00 Bernard Heidsieck Stratimelo
D 13 03:49 Peter Orlovsky Compost piles


Datum Interpret Format Titel Bestellnummer Anmerkungen
verschiedene Interpreten 2x12-33 Totally corrupt country US.gif US: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 008-009)


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