1974 verschiedene Interpreten 2x12-33 "Disconnected" (US: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 003)

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1974 verschiedene Interpreten 2x12-33 "Disconnected" (US: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 003)
Veröffentlichung 1974
Interpret verschiedene Interpreten
Plattenformat 2 Stück 12" Scheiben 33 U/Min. schwarzes Vinyl
Plattentitel Disconnected
Plattenlabel Giorno Poetry Systems
Bestellnummer country US.gif US: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 003
Produktion Giorno Poetry Systems


Stück Dauer Interpret Titel Autor Anmerkungen
A 01 01:30 Allen Ginsberg I'm a victim of telephones
A 02 07:05 Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche Cynical letter ~ A letter to Marpa ~ Sound cycle (Aham)
A 03 07:17 John Giorno Suicide sutra
A 04 07:01 William S. Burroughs What Washington, what orders Aus Exterminator
A 05 02:54 Charles Plymell 100 flies on an airplane flying around the world Aus The thrashing of America
A 06 01:46 Michael Brownstein Monologue from the top Aus Brainstorms
A 07 01:55 John Cage Excerpt Aus Silence
B 01 05:32 Anne Waldman Fast speaking woman
B 02 02:18 Diane di Prima Excerpt Aus Loba
B 03 03:31 Bernadette Mayer Excerpt Aus Studying hunger
B 04 01:14 Robert Creeley The name
B 05 02:25 Diane Wakoski Exorcism
B 06 01:22 Lorenzo Thomas High heel Jesus
B 07 07:20 Gregory Corso Marriage
B 08 00:52 Maureen Owen Body rush
B 09 02:13 Ed Sanders Stand by my side, oh Lord
B 10 02:42 Charles Olson The ridge
C 01 04:04 Allen Ginsberg Jimmy Bearman Instrumente: David Amran, Bob Dylan, Arthur Russell, John Schole, Artie and Happy Traum
C 02 06:33 Joe Brainard Excerpt Aus More I remember more
C 03 04:35 John Wiener Excerpt Aus Memories in a small apartment
C 04 00:40 Gerard Malanga A last poem (Tentative title)
C 05 01:38 John Perreault Nude death
C 06 03:43 Jack Spicer Excerpt Aus Billy the Kid
C 07 03:43 Jim Carroll Aus The Busterball diaries, Age 13, Spring 1965
C 08 04:32 Peter Orlovsky All around the garden
D 01 04:42 Imamu Amiri Baraka Our nation is like ourselves
D 02 02:08 Michael McClure Lion poem
D 03 04:28 Ed Dorn Recollections of Grande Apacharia
D 04 01:35 Frank Lima The hunter
D 05 03:07 Frank O'Hara Adieu Norman, bonjour to Joan and Jean Paul Aus Lunch poems
D 06 00:16 Bill Berkson Stanky
D 07 00:18 Larry Fagin A play
D 08 00:38 Tom Clark Little aria
D 09 01:13 Paul Blackburn The once-over Aus Brooklyn Manhattan Trancit
D 10 01:56 Philip Whelan If you're so smart, why aren't you rich
D 11 04:18 Ron Padgett June 17, 1942
D 12 01:56 John Ashbery The tennis court oath
D 12 01:07 Clark Coolidge Excerpt Aus Dews (8 Channel)
D 12 02:05 Charles Amirkhanian Radii


Datum Interpret Format Titel Bestellnummer Anmerkungen
verschiedene Interpreten 2x12-33 Disconnected country US.gif US: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 003



Dial-A-Poem received millions of phone calls, yet we were disconnected.

Open the lines to the poets! We used the telephone for poetry. They used it to spy on you. Poetry plumbers unite! We invite you to do it yourself. Start your own Dial-A-Poem in your own hometown. Get hooked up to the telephones. Call your local telephone company business offfice; order a system and put on it these LP selections; put on your own local poets and we'll supply you with more poets.

The system we used at The Museum of Modern Art, NY, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Architectural League of New York, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, and in Albany, New York was 12 telephone lines each connected to an automatic answering set, which holds the recording of a poet reading a poem. Each phone line has a different poem and all the phone lines were changed daily. So dialing one number, you randomly got one of 12 poets. There are 70 Dial-A-Poem poets, each with at least 12 selections, or over 1,000 selections in all.

The system can disconnect:

your phone,
your gas,
your light,
your food,
your home.
But they don't disconnect poetry! (yet)


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