1971 Silberbart 12-33 "4 times sound razing" (DE: Philips 6305 095)

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1971 Silberbart 12-33 "4 times sound razing" (DE: Philips 6305 095)
Veröffentlichung 1971
Interpret Silberbart
Plattenformat 1 Stück 12" Scheibe 33 U/Min. schwarzes Vinyl
Plattentitel 4 times sound razing
Plattenlabel Philips
Bestellnummer country DE.gif DE: Philips 6305 095
Produktion Thomas Kuckuck, Hans-Otto Mertens
Aufnahme 1971.04-05 Hamburg-Blankenese, Hirschpark. - Tonmeister: Thomas Kuckuck
Musiker Peter Behrens (Schlagzeug, Perkussion), Werner Klug (Bass), Hans Joachim "Hajo" Teschner (Gitarre, Stimme)


Stück Dauer Interpret Titel Autor Anmerkungen
A 01 04:23 Silberbart Chub chub cherry Hans Joachim Teschner
A 02 16:16 Silberbart Brain brain Hans Joachim Teschner
B 01 10:07 Silberbart God Hans Joachim Teschner
B 02 12:00 Silberbart Head tear of the drunken sun Hans Joachim Teschner


Datum Interpret Format Titel Bestellnummer Anmerkungen
Silberbart 12-33 4 times sound razing country DE.gif DE: Philips 6305 095
Silberbart CD-DA 4 times sound razing country AU.gif AU: Progressive Line PL 558 Bootleg
24-bit Remaster
Barcode: 3528596005584
Silberbart CD-DA 4 times sound razing country LU.gif LU: Germanofon 941063 Bootleg


Dag Erik Asbjørnsen Cosmic dreams at play (A guide to German progressive and electronic rock) country GB.gif Glasgow : Borderline Productions ISBN 1-899855-01-7
Silberbart: An underground heavy progressive power trio that recorded a legendary collector's item entitled 4 times sound razing. This album contained just four songs: "Chub chub cherry" (a short heavy rock song which sounded like a freaky version of Cream), "Brain brain" (16 minutes of acid nightmares, continuously shifting tempo in an amphetamine-driven mayhem), "God" (a much more melodic attempt with powerful guitar arrangement, sounding like Black Sabbath meet Hendrix with a collective paranoia) and "Head tear of the drunken sun" (finished it all with 12 minutes of hazardous power trio pyrotechnics). As you will have gathered, this is an extreme album in many ways: the raw power, the cranky vocals, the restless arrangements, not forgetting the ugly silver gnome on the front sleeve! All trace of Silberbart disappeared after this album, which in itself gained them no recognition at all. A real shame, as some of their ideas were quite remarkable. Silberbart were a true power trio. Now, go out and hunt for their album - you'll need about 250 DEM if you are after the original Philips pressing!
Gabriel Lilliehook 1970s Heavyrock records reviews Volume 2 country SE.gif Vastra Frolunda : GL Productions
Silberbart (Germ) - 4 times soundblazing [sic] I have said it before and I say it again, the German scene in the early 70s had loads of unique bands to come up with. Silverbart is a great example. A incredible german 3 piece band that recorded this album in 1971 and this is a smash hit. Rated today as one of the most ultimate German heavyrock releases ever. Silverbart had a unique sound a wild brutal guitarwork, the production is amazing and the band comes out like a hurricane on this release. Philips in Germany released the album and the cover artwork is something spectacular too. Made by a artist called Witt and it shows a pic of Santa Claus formed as a candle, it's a great cover. It is only 4 tracks on the album 3 of them is 16, 10 and 12 minutes long and especially "Brain brain" and "Head tear of the drunken sun" is really hitting. I am speechless every time I play it it is so psychedelic, so progressive, so enourmously heavy so I am lost for words. One of my personal faves of the European heavy progressive 70s scene. It is as loud as Blue Cheer it is as heavy as Black Sabbath, very raw and very heavy. Buy it! Sadly I dont know if there is any re-releases available but you can always ask RecordHeaven if they have it.
2001.02.05 The Seth Man Silberbart: 4 times sound razing Head Heritage
Rolf Semprebon All Music Guide
One of the lost classics of Krautrock, an album that combines proto-heavy metal energy with freeform improvisation.

The record contained just four long tracks, based on blues and heavy metal but with a unique freeform structure and bizarre vocals on top. Unfortunately the strange angst-imbued record did not attract much attention at the time, and with poor sales Philips declined to keep the band on the label.

Though Silberbart were barely known during their existence, by the end of the 1970s they had appeared on the Nurse With Wound list of influences as well as been being described as one of the most original bands in Germany in Tibor Kneif's Einführung in die Rockmusik. Over the years Silberbart's obscure LP has become legendary among collectors, and it has never been released on CD except as a bootleg on the Germanofon label.

Philippe Blache Silberbart biography ProgArchives.com
Silberbart's first and only effort called 4 times sound razing represents a propulsive, blasting heavy rock experience with furious psychedelic freakouts. Very close to Guru Guru extended jams with lot of intuitive sounds. The band is led by the "killer" guitarist/ vocalist Hajo Teschner. Silberbart have been formed as a power trio for a maximum of dynamic/driven epic songs. An important contribution.
de lege artis Silberbart country CZ.gif Encyklopedie zapomenuté hudby
Další z řady dnes prakticky neznámých kapel krautrockové vlny. Jediné vydané album patří dnes ve sběratelských kruzích k velmi ceněné raritě. Obsahuje zdařilé dlouhé, ale pestré psychedelické kompozice spíše tvrdšího ražení, plné zbustrovaných, místy hendrixovsky kakofonických kytarových sól, zemité rytmiky a ječivého vokálu (bohužel výhradně v angličtině) - to vše s nezaměnitelnou atmosférou německého undergroundu své doby. Na CD vyšlo pouze v bootlegu, nicméně ve vcelku obstojné zvukové kvalitě.


  • Das erste und einzige Album der Rockgruppe Silberbart.
  • Tibor Kneif bezeichnete Silberbart in seinem Buch Einführung in die Rockmusik (1979) als eine der "originellsten Gruppen im Lande."
  • Gemöss dem NME online magazine braucht derjenige starke Nerven, der sich Silberbart antut: "Trust me, after listening to this record, you'll want to go out and massacre a small village."