1970 verschiedene Interpreten 2x12-33 "The big ball" (US: Warner Bros. PRO 358)

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1970 verschiedene Interpreten 2x12-33 "The big ball" (US: Warner Bros. PRO 358)
Veröffentlichung 1970
Interpret verschiedene Interpreten
Plattenformat 2 Stück 12" Scheiben 33 U/Min. Vinyl
Plattentitel The big ball
  • [A] S 39669
  • [B] S 39670
  • [C] S 39671
  • [D] S 39672
  • Plattenlabel Warner Bros.
    Plattenvertrieb Warner Bros.
    Bestellnummer country US.gif US: Warner Bros. PRO 358
    Plattenhülle Hüllenfoto: Rod Dyer. - Art direction: Ed Thrasher. - Plattentext: Richard Goldstein


    Stück Dauer Interpret Titel Autor Anmerkungen
    A 01 02:25 Fifth Avenue Band Nice folks
    A 02 02:53 John Sebastian Red-Eye Express
    A 03 01:55 Beach Boys This whole world
    A 04 02:45 Geoff and Maria Muldaur New Orleans hopscop blues
    A 05 03:08 Arlo Guthrie Coming in to Los Angeles
    A 06 02:34 Eric Andersen I was the rebel, she was the cause
    A 07 02:56 Norman Greenbaum Jubilee
    A 08 04:00 Savage Grace Ivy
    B 01 04:57 Van Morrison Caravan
    B 02 09:00 Fleetwood Mac Oh well (parts 1 and 2)
    B 03 03:36 Pentangle Sally go round the roses
    B 04 04:20 Jethro Tull Nothing is easy
    B 05 04:12 Small Faces Flying
    B 06 03:14 Family No mule's fool
    B 07 02:15 Kinks When I turn out the living room light
    C 01 02:25 Everly Brothers I'm on my way home again
    C 02 03:15 Tim Buckley Happy time
    C 03 02:16 Joni Mitchell Big yellow taxi
    C 04 03:55 Neil Young The loner
    C 05 02:56 Gordon Lightfoot Approaching lavender
    C 06 02:12 Randy Newman Mama told me not to come
    C 07 03:20 James Taylor Fire and rain
    C 08 03:22 Dion Sit down old friend
    D 01 04:05 Ed Sanders The Illiad
    D 02 01:13 GTO's Kansas and the GTO's ~ The captain's fat Theresa shoes
    D 03 02:23 Captain Beefheart Ella Guru
    D 04 01:06 GTO's The original GTO's
    D 04 03:02 Mothers of Invention WPLJ Dobard ; McDaniels
    D 05 02:55 Wild Man Fischer The Taster ~ The story of the Taster
    D 06 01:16 Pearls Before Swine Footnote
    D 07 06:30 Grateful Dead Turn on your love light Verkürzt


    Datum Interpret Format Titel Bestellnummer Anmerkungen
    verschiedene Interpreten 2x12-33 The big ball country US.gif US: Warner Bros. PRO 358

    Plattentext (Auszug)

    We're right proud and happy to introduce our third double sampler album (following our sort of internationally famous Songbook and Record Show samplers).

    Our ulterior motive behind these samplers, as we've confessed many times before, is the profit-motivated desire to instill in you, through these introductory tracks, the compelling urge to rush forth and buy the full albums by the artists you want to hear more from. Should you find yourself in a record store that does not have a Randy Newman album, or has never heard of Norman Greenbaum, make a scene. Have them order it for you. If they don't, write us and make a scene.


    • Zwischen 1969 und 1980 veröffentlichte Warner Bros. als Sonderangebote in den USA eine Reihe billiger Alben (die sogenannten "Loss leaders"), die per Post bestellt werden konnten - Einzelalben wurden dabei für einen US-Dollar, Doppelalben für zwei US-Dollar verkauft (die letzten zwei Doppelalben von 1980 kosteten drei US-Dollar). Die Innenhüllen trugen dabei den Spruch: "The best, biggest bargains on record! The Warner/Reprise Loss Leaders."
    • Das Doppelalbum The big ball (1970) ist die dritte Veröffentlichung dieser "Loss leaders"-Reihe.
    • In der Mitte der aufklappbaren Hülle ist ein vierseitiges Beiheft befestigt, in dem die einzelnen Stücke mit kurzen Beschreibungen zum Interpreten aufgelistet sind.


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