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Autor Chris Ayers
Texttitel Da da da
Untertitel Volkswagen team up for surprise success
Sprache Englisch
Veröffentlichung 1997.10.03 The Herald (Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA)


Da da da (Volkswagen team up for surprise success)

You've probably seen or at least heard about the Volkswagen commercial with the song "Da da da". It plays monotonously on the car radio. Two speechless bohemians are driving down the street in a Volkswagen Golf, pick up a discarded chair and later leave it on the side of the road because of its stench.

That simple advertisement caused radio stations, record stores and Volkswagen, Inc. to be deluged with calls inquiring about the quirky song. Its full title is "Da da da I don't love you you don't love me aha aha aha" and, as it turns out, it was an international hit in 1982 for the German band Trio.

To capitalize on the unexpected buzz, Mercury/Chronicles Records rush-released the album Da da da, a collection of Trio's greatest hits. Special to this album is a rare, six-minute remix of the title track. But the short-lived band, which enjoyed a string of worldwide hits in the '80s, was more importantly the brainchild of artist / musician / producer Klaus Voormann.

Voormann first gained celebrity status for designing the intricately mesmerizing Revolver album cover for the Beatles in 1968. Later in the '70s, he served a long stint as bassist for John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band. He made Trio millions of dollars throughout the '80s, and most recently was responsible for the collage album art for the Beatles' Anthology series.

Trio's new album is comprised of traditional rock'n'roll song structures stripped down to their basic skeletons and embellished with dry humor, art-influenced minimalism, and German sensibilities. The songwriting team of Stephan Remmler and Kralle Krawinkel resulted in compositions somewhere between German industrial progenitor Kraftwerk and New Wave icon Devo.

"Boom boom" could easily be a forefather of modern electronica. A reggae, boom-tap beat imbibes the band's cover of "Tutti frutti". Two songs ("Drei Mann im Doppelbett," "Ich lieb den Rock'n'Roll") are sung entirely in German. And the NBC network used to show the video for "Anna - letmein letmeout" on its own version of late-night MTV, Friday night videos.


Datum Autor Format Titel Verlag Anmerkungen
1997.10.03 Chris Ayers Artikel Da da da
Volkswagen team up for surprise success
country US.gif US: The Herald (Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA)