1978 verschiedene Interpreten 2x12-33 "Big ego" (US: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 012-013)

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1978 verschiedene Interpreten 2x12-33 "Big ego" (US: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 012-013)
Veröffentlichung 1978
Interpret verschiedene Interpreten
Plattenformat 2 Stück 12" Scheiben 33 U/Min. schwarzes Vinyl
Plattentitel Big ego
Plattenlabel Giorno Poetry Systems Records
Bestellnummer country US.gif US: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 012-013
Produktion Catherine Levine
Plattenhülle Les Levine


Stück Dauer Interpret Titel Autor Anmerkungen
A 01 07:46 Patti Smith The histories of the universe
A 02 02:17 Philip Glass A secret solo
A 03 09:45 John Giorno Grasping at emptiness
A 04 04:45 Laurie Anderson Three expediences
A 05 08:00 Robert Wilson ; Christopher Knowles The Sundance Kid is beautiful Aus A letter to Queen Victoria
B 01 08:00 Meredith Monk Biography Aus Education of the girlchild (1972)
B 02 06:17 Michael Lally Excerpt Aus All of the above
B 03 09:40 Robert Lowell Excerpt Aus Ulysses and Circe
B 04 04:44 Larry Wendt How to cook a duck
B 05 02:27 Jackie Curtis Have yourself a merry little Christmas
C 01 02:12 Ed Sanders A monologue Aus The Fugs
C 02 02:14 William S. Burroughs The laboratory has been locked for three hours solid Auszug aus Naked lunch
C 03 01:45 Harris Schiff 15 years passes; Dollar bill
C 04 01:43 Otis Brown Boneless chicken
C 05 02:27 Joel Oppenheimer Cities, this city
C 06 01:15 Fugs Saran wrap Ed Sanders
C 07 01:15 Claes Oldenburg June was; Panodramdra
C 08 03:33 Denise Levertov Woman alone Aus Homage to Pavese
C 09 02:08 Ted Greenwald Friends
C 10 04:44 Anthony J. Gnazzo Hisnia and Hernia
C 11 01:03 Steve Tropp ; Gloria Tropp Snow White
C 12 01:52 Jim Brodey Homeward bound Mit Colin Wolcott (Sitar)
C 13 03:07 Robert Ashley Interiors with flash
D 01 00:50 Eileen Myles Tuesday brightness
D 02 05:42 Helen Adam Apartment on Twin Peaks
D 03 06:10 Anne Waldman Light and shadow
D 04 00:37 Joe Johnson Fly Ho
D 05 02:19 Lorenzo Thomas Wonders
D 06 02:19 Ishmael Reed Sky diving
D 07 02:30 Kenward Elmslie The Woolworth song
D 08 02:50 Mona da Vinci The last supper of Mona da Vinci Auszug aus The sacred wood of art
D 09 02:25 Bernard Heidsieck Canal Street no. 19
D 10 03:26 Steve Hamilton Promise
D 11 01:45 Frank O'Hara Poem; Poem
D 12 01:28 Ron Padgett No title


Datum Interpret Format Titel Bestellnummer Anmerkungen
verschiedene Interpreten 2x12-33 Big ego country US.gif US: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 012-013


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